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About Us

Our Story

 Key Avenue in Lampasas, Texas has served as a thoroughfare connecting west Texas with Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country regions since the late 1800s.  The Shoppe on Key Avenue captures the spirit of Texas and region through its design selections.  Featuring home decor and selective accessories and children items, The Shoppe on Key Avenue is a premier boutique for your home! 

Being the fifth generation of business owners in the area, Jana Townsend remembers the stories her grandfather, WH (Red) Berry told her about his memories as a child in Lampasas.  Including stories about the lampposts that lined the center of what was then Grand Avenue, that has since been renamed Key Avenue after a longtime Lampasas businessman.  Grand Avenue was the bustling main street through town during early 1900s, and  Mr. Berry would tell about the lamplighters that came out just before dusk to light the lamps so that people could find their way through the town at night.  This story made a lasting impression on Mrs. Townsend, as it was evidence of the work ethic found in the people of the Lampasas community that has carried on for generations promoting a thriving and prosperous city.  When it was time to find a name and logo for the new business, Mrs. Townsend remembered this story and work ethic her grandfather instilled into her and incorporated this concept into the new business, thus The Shoppe on Key Avenue was born.  A lamppost can be found in the logo and also in front of the shop as a testament to the past and present hardworking individuals of the Lampasas area.  

The Shoppe on Key Avenue is a J's Finer Things, Inc. business.

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We strive to provide our customers with complete satisfaction.  Please contact us if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, and we guarantee we will make it right!

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The Shoppe on Key Avenue

906 South Key Avenue, Lampasas, Texas 76550, United States



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